Jeremy Scott Peters

An Entrepreneur's Journey

About Me

What I love

I lived abroad in Asia for 5 years of my life. Two years I lived in region 7 of the Philippines. There I worked with Filipinos, teaching them how live better lives with more purpose. So that I could help them, I learned their native language and taught them in their own language. About 5 years after I return to the U.S., I went and lived in Beijing, China. There I taught English to the locals and taught myself Chinese and Korean. I love learning new cultures and languages.

After returning from China, I wanted to start a company that used what I learned about language acquisition to help people learn foreign languages and English. I felt like it wasn’t the right time to start that business so I did something else. I continued to study language acquisition and continue to study Korean. This experience taught me so much. I met with many principles that had started, wanted to start, or would start very soon Chinese immersion programs at their schools. I love language acquisition.

I also studied entrepreneurship and lean startup methodology. I studied web development and worked as a tech support for Bluehost. There I learned so much about web servers. I love technology and the internet.

The accident

On February 29, 2012, I was riding my bicycle home from work. It had started snowing when I was working and it was still snowing with about 2 inches of snow on the ground. A young man who was speeding 10 miles over the speed limit hit me. I am glad that I was wearing my helmet or I would have been killed. Even with a helmet, I suffered a traumatic brain injury(TBI).

I was in the hospital until June and it took a few more months to try to get back on my own again. I was not that prepared for that time. I started to suffer from insomnia and what I call killer headaches. I had headaches almost all the time and I was unable to sleep the whole night. I had to get help from my father by living with him. Only recently which is 9 years later was I able to solve this problem and now my brain is finally healing and I am getting back to normal.

During this time, I have learned a lot of things. I spent my time learning whatever I could because I didn’t know when I would feel good enough to work or make any money myself. I read many nonfiction books. I studied programming. I did what ever I could to improve my understanding of this world, myself, and how I could improve myself and the world.

My Plan

I am building a business that builds startups. I will use my understanding of lean startup methodology. My first business is building a place where learners of foreign languages can get tools to do that. This blog is something that is learn to write.