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Setting Up My Stay July 2022

I will show you how to create a credit card for limited use that I will use to pay for my stay in Colorado that will have a limited amount and can only be used once for that amount. I hope that will work. I must assume that the full charge will be put on hold at check in then charged on check out. I am going off that researched assumption.

Step 1: Privatize for security

Create an account if you don’t have one already on Privacy.

On that account set up your “Funding” in the account part of your Privacy account.

Step 2: Create a limited use credit card to give me to use on AirBnB

Add a new card by clicking on that button. 

Name it whatever you want. Click on the monthly limit.Then click on where it says “No Limit” and that will bring up something that allows you to set up the limits on the card.

Set it to Total or maybe even Single-use which should work because the card should only be charged once by AirBnB so I believe Single-use should work. Set the spend limit to $677 which is referenced on the next picture(link is to the place with the correct length of stay).

Click on the “Set $677 Spend Limit” and then the create card button. Send me the number, expiration, and security code. I will use it to reserve this place and I can send you a receipt after the stay. I don’t see any other problems but there may be some.